Hilltop Offers Early Christmas Presents To Racers Again!
Date: Monday, November 21 @ 11:02:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

A couple of years ago when Jesse told me about his plan to offer $100 car registrations that included a FREE pit pass every night the registered car was in action, I thought he was out of his mind. Hell, I remember telling him that. He just shrugged it off and said he wanted to try something "different" from other tracks. We all know by now that the gang at Hilltop is known for doing things a bit differently and it sure as hell seems to be working. So,, once again Hilltop is offering that same $100 registration deal for 2012. Folks, I've tried talking other tracks into giving it a try but you simply can't find a similar deal anywhere else. Complete details of this offer are posted below, but in simple terms, you register your car (as required at any track) at the cost of $100. Sure other tracks charge less to register but they don't throw in a FREE pit pass every week of the season that your car is racing. It doesn't take a ton of math skills to see that this offer is a gift to any racer that plans on running at Hilltop more than once or twice all year. And with the great staff, and kickass action at Hilltop, why the hell wouldn't ya want to be there every week? I know I'm very much looking forward to another great season on "The Hill" in 2012. Hats off to ya Hilltop for continuing to think outside the box!

Complete Details On Registration Offer:

2012 car registration.
Car registration is $100 before 3/1/2012 after March 1 it is still a good deal at $200- where else can you register and get a SEASON PIT PASS for $100??

When a car is registered the car receives (1) free pit admission for the season anytime that car is signed in. The pass is not valid on nights the car is not there, or nights that division is not scheduled to race. You will need to show the pass each and every week at sign in and if a driver tries to use a pass when the car is not there, or not scheduled to race, then that pass becomes void and that person, and car, is barred for not less than 2 weeks.

The pass will be issued to the car owner, but no owner will be issued more than one season pass. A car owner is defined by who will receive the tax information. If you register more than 1 car with the same tax information it will be $25 per additional car, with no season pass being issued for those cars. Pass is issued to owner, and is then the sole responsibility of the owner to be used by whomever the owner allows. (Driver, pit crew member, etc.) Again, only when that car is there and is scheduled to race. Owner is responsible for misuse and all infractions will be dealt with swiftly.

Season pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE if you sell the car.

If you elect to not buy a car registration a driver registration is mandatory and is $25 - this does not include pit pass.

Registration form is available to print on DRIVER REGSITRATION page, mail with payment to-
Hilltop Speedway
4518 Graber Rd
Fredericksburg, OH 44627

Either registration must be filled out by end of your first night of racing at Hilltop Speedway and turned in at the pit gate.

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