Mother Nature Can't Keep Folks Away From Hilltop
Date: Wednesday, April 11 @ 10:32:43 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

My asshole boss may have made me miss opening night at Hilltop but I wasn't about to allow that to happen this week. I needed my racin' fix and I got it on "The Hill". Mother Nature was a bit nicer this week, but it got pretty damn cold before the final checkers flew. The threat of low temperatures sure as hell didn't keep the fans from packing the place for just the second night of action on the schedule. DAMN, what a crowd! I'm still somewhat surprised at such a strong showing this early in the year, but then again this place makes it all worth it the trip every time. While the Mods and Late Models put on a great show, the battle for the win really wasn't where the action was. That damn Moran kid walked away with his 2nd feature win in a row while making it look easy. That young fella is just plain smooth! It's not like there was a shortage of talent chasing him either. Veterans such as Drown, Lee, Duncan, Gentry and others all with much more experience at Hilltop could only get a glimpse of the back of the 99 car most of the night. I reckon this youngster will give these guys something to shoot for all season if this keeps up.

The highlight of the evening for me had to be the Street Stocks though. While I'm certainly not wild about what this class has become, they do put on a great show. Bob Daugherty had an unusually tough night starting off with a bad handling car in the heat race. The crew busted ass to make big changes for the feature and I thought for sure I'd get to see a replay of his feature win from last week. That wasn't the case as the guy they call "Bottom Feeder Bob" took that term too far and found himself inside the tires in turns 1 & 2 early in the feature, bringing out the caution. That sent him to the tail of a damn strong field and he only managed to work his way back up to seventh before time ran out. Another driver that started out looking like he'd have a bad night ended up turning things around in the feature. Justin Patterson came in from the heat race with a big chunk of header missing and considered parking the car to avoid engine damage. I'll bet he's happy he didn't listen to me ;-) Starting 4th was just too much temptation for Patterson to run the thing and hope for the best. Well, I'd say he made the right choice and he's got the feature win to prove it. Once he got out front there was no looking back. Congrats to ya Justin!

The season is still very young at Hilltop but their first extra treat comes this week with all regular divisions in action, plus the Modlites. Get your ass down to Millersburg and take in a great show!

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