Test And Tune
Date: Monday, April 01 @ 00:10:13 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got to try out the new car yesterday and things didn't go so good.The best part of the day had to be finding that we had finally built a car that handled like a race car should.However,we quickly found out that the gears in the rearend were not what we were told they were.Although that kept us from cranking the new motor like we wanted to,that may have been a good thing.That's because our new camshaft decided it wasn't gonna stick around for a whole season of abuse and we lost 3 cylinders in a hurry.That was the end of our day.We got the motor apart today and are awaiting a new cam that will hopefuly last a little longer.It will be a busy week around here but we plan to make time to tweak our setup a little more before hitting the track for opening night this Saturday.

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