Rough End To 2012 & DFC Racing Carb Rewards Program For 2013
Date: Thursday, December 20 @ 12:06:58 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

You've probably noticed the lack of updates here as well as the Lakeville Speedway site for a while. I also know that some of you have been unable to reach me very often the past few weeks. That's because my phone has been on silent mode more often than not while I've been in hospitals and a nursing home with my dad. He's been struggling with health issues for a while now but the past few weeks have been pure hell for all of us, especially him. While we got the news yesterday that he'll be home with us for the holidays, he's still looking at surgery to drain fluid from his brain in the coming months if not sooner. There was one bright moment during all of this when he found himself in the same hospital room with his old racing partner, Carl Graber. These 2 guys go way back to the "Snoopy car" driven by Pete Bonewit and the early Mustangs driven by Dean Alexander. I'd say the hospital staff was treated to some crazy times with these two old timers! Let's hope both of them have many brighter days ahead.

I mentioned earlier that there would be a rewards program in 2013 for racers using a DFC Racing carb so here goes. First off, racers that won their points championship in 2012 with one of these carbs will get theirs freshened up for the 2013 season free of charge. Three of those champs have already received their fresh carbs but I'm waiting to see the other two units. The second bonus opportunity is aimed at those racers that bust their asses to improve their programs each week and can finally see the front of the pack. Therefore any racer running a DFC Racing carb that wins their first career feature event in 2013 will pick up an extra $50 from yours truly. The third bonus opportunity is to reward our most loyal customers. Any current customer that refers another racer to us will benefit themselves as well as the other racer if the other racer buys a DFC Racing carb. The current customer will receive $50, and the new customer will get $50 off the price of their carburetor. 2012 was our best season yet for our carbs, and these rewards hopefully show our appreciation. Now, get ready to kick some ass in 2013!

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