Here Comes The 2013 Racing Season
Date: Saturday, March 02 @ 13:15:45 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It may not seem like it at the moment but the racing season is nearly here. It's a little hard to believe since it's currently a balmy 21 degrees outside as I type this. The signs are all around us though so it must be true. The racing carbs have been rolling off my work bench for weeks already, and recent vinyl orders have been for race teams instead of the typical boring business stuff. Yep, I can almost smell the racing fumes already. While family issues have kept me pretty busy this off season, it's clear that racing is now back on my schedule too. Speaking of schedules, most tracks obviously have their schedules out already and there's plenty of great action on tap this season in this area. You'll find no shortage of big shows on dirt and asphalt all season long that you won't want to miss. Please take the time to check out the schedules posted by all of our local tracks and support them every chance you get.

Hilltop Speedway will be my first stop of the season and for good reason. You simply can't find better side by side action every week than you'll find here. The fun family atmosphere just adds to the experience. There have been some improvements to the facility over the winter also. Their gates will swing open for the first time for an open practice for all divisions on Saturday March 23rd. On Sunday March 24th the ever popular Autocross event returns to Hilltop. This is one crazy event you'll want to witness. The season will officially kick off on Saturday March 30th with all divisions in action. With the addition of even more fresh clay, we may be treated to even more excitement in 2013. On Saturday April 6th the Modlites will add to the action packed show for their first of seven appearances this season. You'll certainly get you'll racing fix on a night like this one! Hilltop's schedule is stuffed full of must see events so be sure to check it out. Chances are you'll find me there pretty often this summer.

Another place you'll likely find me will be Deerfield Raceway. I'm pretty sure my granddaughter will see to that. ;-) Deerfield may not have Super Late Models and such but what they do have is the most family friendly race track I've ever visited. The divisions may be different from other area dirt tracks but there are plenty of them each and every night. It's awesome to see the youngsters out there in their own divisions also and they put on a great show. Deerfield will open the gates for the first time in 2013 on April 13th for driver registration and an open practice. Opening night will be April 20th brought to you by Mel's Towing. You'll want to bring your own little ones for opening night so they can meet the Easter Bunny in person. How cool is that?!

Not to be left off the list of tracks you really need to visit this year, Midvale Speedway will give you your asphalt racing fix every Saturday night. As a dirt racer, I suggest you take in asphalt racing in limited quantities until your mind gets used to it of course, but this has to be the nicest racing facility to be found in our area. Randy Smith and the gang have really busted their asses the past couple of years to bring non-stop improvements to the place and it shows. Each division puts on a great show on any given night but you must see the crate engine Mods in action. For those that don't think the crates can be policed well enough to keep the playing field level, this place will change your mind. Any track considering a crate division could learn plenty from Midvale Speedway. So, when you really need your racing fix but just don't feel like getting dirt in your beer, take the ride to Midvale to see some great racing action at a beautiful facility. Who knows, ya might just get hooked. ;-)

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