Modlites Return To Hilltop May 11th And ADRA Late Models Chase $2000 May 18th
Date: Wednesday, May 08 @ 09:53:14 MST
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The racing has been nothing short of stellar so far this season at Hilltop. The packed grandstands have been treated to some special shows already including a visit from the ultimate "racer's racer" Kenny Schrader. Kenny is one of those guys that has made it big but never seems to realize it. On race night he's just another fella with a helmet and fire suit looking to turn some laps in almost any type of race car. He's more than happy to shoot the shit with ya while watching the races and trying to learn a new track. He had nothing but good things to say about Hilltop although he struggled to master it himself. It kinda seemed like that's what he liked about the place. In his own words "it's a fun place to race because you can race on any part of the track,,,,and some of those guys use it all every lap". I think that pretty much says proves what I've always said. Hilltop is the best place in the area for side by side racing every night of the season.

The next two weeks will bring even more excitement to Millersburg that you won't want to miss. The Modlites return to the hill for the second of seven appearances and judging from their recent show here this will be a great one. The lil buggers really get around the place in a hurry and put on a great show.

On Saturday May 18th the ADRA Late Models will roll into town chasing $2000 to win. The Late Models have seen some wild and crazy shows already this year with unbelievable action from guys like Carpenter, Drown, Conley, Gentry, Duncan, Moran and many more so I expect this to be one hell of a show. Can that damn Carpenter kid return to school them again, or will one of these other local heroes that that money home with them? I reckon we'll find out soon. You don't want to miss this one for sure!

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