George Lee Is BACK!
Date: Monday, May 13 @ 21:02:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

So far this season the Late Model field at Hilltop has provided an incredible amount of action each night, even when the leader might seem to run away from the pack. There have been plenty of fierce battles for the lead too of course but one thing seemed strange each week. The fella that has become known for running his very own groove around Hilltop, George Lee, has looked like just another car in the field lately. That would change on this cool May night as it seems that Lee has replaced that "throttle switch" I've teased him about having on his car. This new switch might be a three position switch for off, on, and HOLY SHIT! I got there too late to see which position it was in when he set fast time in qualifying but it was clearly set to "on" for every lap of the dash as he slung his ride around the high side to take the win. At the drop of the green for the feature he must have reached for that new position on the switch because he was soon in his own zip code. While I'm not always a fan of his driving habits, it's sure as hell entertaining to see this man on his game. I don't think that engine lost 400 rpm at any point on any given green flag lap until the checkers flew. That's the George Lee we're all use to seeing eating up the clay at Hilltop. Welcome back you crazy bastard! ;-)

Another strange sight at Hilltop this weekend was the #21 Street Stock of Bob Daugherty using the rest of the track for a change. I must admit that I wondered for a minute who was really driving that thing when it wasn't glued to the bottom groove in the heat race. Bob has truly earned his nickname of "bottom feeder Bob" over the years and there's no denying that it works great for him. However he's also a smart veteran driver that will adjust to different conditions to get out front and stay there. His smooooth driving style told me it was him behind the wheel for sure though. Daugherty won his heat race in fine style so he lined up on the front row for the feature. With guys like Moore, Wisecarver, and Gardener behind him we'd see how this new line would work for Bob. They threw everything they had at Daugherty but nothing seemed to work. Some even had the idea to pass him low. Hell,,, I thought I was seeing things. If you're gonna pass Bob Daugherty low, you're gonna have to relocate one or more of those big ass tires in the infield to do it. This guy owns the bottom! At the checkers it was Daugherty picking up his second feature win of the season at Hilltop.

Mother Nature rolled into town soon after that feature ending the action for the night so the Modifieds and Mini Stocks will run double feature on May 18th. You won't want to miss this show as it's the Jerry Reed Memorial event and the ADRA Late Models will do battle with our weekly regulars chasing $2000 to win the feature.

Just a reminder that Hilltop is now running under their summer hours.

Pit Gates Open at 3:30 p.m..
Main Gate Opens at 4:00
Hot laps 6:00 p.m.
Racing 7:30 p.m.

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