The Rumor Mill Starts Early This Year
Date: Sunday, August 11 @ 11:11:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We all know by now that rumors get thrown around during the off season, and especially when those rumors involve a silent race track. About mid summer the rumors had Bob Schippers once again owning Lakeville Speedway. That rumor of course was false, as confirmed by Bob himself. Imagine my surprise when I return to Hilltop Speedway this week after a couple weeks of asphalt racing to find out that the latest rumors had ME buying Lakeville Speedway. I blew it off as a joke at first but before the night ended at least 20 people had asked me about it. I put that rumor to rest last night and I'll do it publicly here and now. I've said many times over the years that you could never GIVE me a race track, and that's the honest truth. I'm not talking about just Lakeville, I wouldn't want to own ANY race track. I've seen the money end of the area tracks over the years and that alone helped make that decision. Add the frustration of dealing with Mother Nature and the negative nature of those whiners that you can never satisfy (keyboard cowboys) and it's a no-brainer. While I'm happy to help any track owners in any way that I can, and honestly believe that tracks that work smart can profit, I'm sure as hell not gonna jeopardize the security of my own family to be bitched at weekly. Not gonna happen and that's why I have great respect for those track owners that step up and do it every year. Even as much as I'd love to see Lakeville Speedway saved and returned to the great track it once was, I'm not the guy to finance it by any means. Yes, I currently own the Lakeville website (now I have absolutely no plans of owning the track or any other track as long as I still have my sanity.

I can also put to rest the other rumor flying around lately that the man that brought us Hilltop Speedway, Jeff Norris did not and has no plans to buy Lakeville Speedway. This man has suffered the ugly side of track ownership in the past folks. He's bright enough not to do it again. How do I know? I've worked with Jeff long enough and witnessed what he went through. We even got to spend some time together last night at Hilltop and joke about the recent rumors. I figure since we were seen together last night the rumor mill really fired up about both of us but I assure you that we weren't laying out plans for the 2014 racing season at Lakeville Speedway. While we both hope and pray there is a 2014 racing season at Lakeville, it's not gonna be either one of us signing those ownership papers. I promise!

While sitting with Jeff Norris last night it was clear to see that he misses the side by side action at Hilltop. We watched the heat races and dash races that had plenty of 3 and 4 wide battles and I reminded him that this is the only place in the area that we're treated to this every week. I think it's only appropriate to publicly thank him for making this all possible in the first place. Without his vision and willingness to risk it all, Hilltop Speedway would probably still be a junk yard full of trees. Thanks Jeff!! A huge THANKYOU also goes out to those that have stepped up and kept this track the place for the best racing action to be found in the area while keeping that friendly family atmosphere. Hats off to all of you!

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