Date: Sunday, August 25 @ 01:50:12 MST
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We made our return to the track tonight and oh what fun we had! Because it was season championship night and we were behind in points,we had to fight our way into the feature.Richie started on the tail for the heat race but wasted no time at all ripping through the field.He worked ol'#9 hard and brought her home in 3rd.That put us in the feature but near the rear in 15th place.Fighting a severe lack of traction,he managed to work his way up to 12th when it was all over.Then it was my turn to take to the track in the mechanics race.Unlike the mechanics races of the past,there were quite a few cars in my race and I lined up 14th out of 17 cars.I sure wish I coulda got the pole like last year. ;-) Anyway,I knew I had to stay out of trouble and yet get through the field as quick as possible before the front few guys got away.That was gonna be tough knowing the car wasn't hooking up.That DFC power plant helped me out on the starts but just killed me coming off the corners.I had to search for a groove that would let me use some of those ponies and finally found one with just a few laps to go.By then I was running 5th and working on 4th, but time ran out.I sure coulda used another caution with a couple of laps to go.Oh well,it was a blast and coming from 14th to 5th ain't too bad for a little old amish guy. ;-) I just hope my ears stop ringing some time soon.It sure was a shame to see our buddy Randy get knocked out of the feature on the first lap.As far as I know,he still wrapped up 5th place in the points for the season and that's just plain AWESOME !! I know you weren't happy tonight Randy, but ya gotta be proud of the season you put together.Nice Job!! Oh yea,and Happy Birthday ya damn "young punk". ;-)

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