As The Season Winds Down.........
Date: Thursday, August 29 @ 11:10:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

A week without Hilltop is like a week without sunshine, but until the Weekend On The Hill show, I'll find plenty to keep me busy. It's that time of year again when the list of events left on the schedule is getting shorter and I find myself making plans for those special trips. Sure I look forward to those weekend events including the Pittsburgher 100, but nothing comes close to the chance to take my granddaughter to the track. You can probably tell by the pictures that she enjoys it just as much as I do.

Since she got such a kick out of the last trip to Deerfield and their field of youngsters, there was no doubt where we'd end up last Saturday night. She's hinted at visiting Hilltop to see more of the "bigger cars" but there's just something about watching kids she can relate to out there on the track. Deerfield is by far the most family/kid oriented track I've ever come across and it's a very nice break from the bitching/whining that sometimes ruins a great night at the track. One trip to this place will give you a fresh new outlook on area racing and the future. Just maybe someday I'll talk this young lady into strapping into a race car to see what it's all about on the track, but until then it's all the joy I could ask for to see her enjoying the show from the stands. This was once again the best night I've spent at a track all season, and a memory I'll treasure forever.

You adults out there owe it to yourself to take a youngster to a race track sometime if you don't already. There's nothing like it in the world to see their faces light up from enjoying what we sometimes come to take for granted. I promise you that you'll go home with a whole new attitude towards our favorite sport!

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