Miller Returns ''Home'' To Barberton & Dominates!
Date: Monday, September 16 @ 10:43:17 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

There's not much more fun to watch in asphalt racing than seeing Mike Miller turn laps at Barberton Raceway Park. Not only is in his own back yard, but he's spent many years on this little bull ring perfecting his patient yet aggressive driving style. This place will make you pay if you can't control yourself in traffic, and it rewards those that display that control. Few have ever mastered this place as well as Miller and that's clear every time he hits the track. This weekend marked the return of Late Models to Barberton and with some bonus money connected to your finish at Midvale on Saturday on the line, it was obvious that it would be worth the trip for the 22 car.

It turned out to be more than worth the trip when the night was over. Mike set fast time in qualifying while running the only 2bbl. carb in the field! Yea, I'm braggin' a little bit because it's one of those DFC Racing carbs, but it's something that can't be overlooked. ;-) The heat race was his to win but some wild driving in front of him would make him settle for second place. There would be no "settling" when it came time for the 50 lap feature though. It took almost 3 full laps for Miller to take the lead and he would never look back. By the halfway mark he had lapped the field up to second place. Now that's getting through some traffic with patience! A few restarts towards the end of the feature would add a little stress and body damage in the rear, but there was no taking this one away from Mike. Not only did he take home the feature win but also picked up the bonus money for the best average finish between Midvale's twin 25 lap features and this 50 lapper. Not too damn shabby for an old fella that's struggled with a poor handling car through most of the 2013 season. Hopefully those struggles are gone for next year as a replacement car has been picked up and may even be tested before next season. Stay tuned......

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