Another Great Season In The Books
Date: Thursday, November 07 @ 10:46:38 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Once again we were all treated to another summer of action packed racing at our area tracks, but it's all over now. Now all we can do is look back at our favorite memories of the season, and wonder what 2014 will bring us. The rumors are already flying as usual, but we'll have to wait months to see which ones are true.

Facts are much easier to nail down and it was obvious that both Hilltop and Midvale continued to make improvements to their facilities in 2013, and both tracks have more surprises for us in 2014. I didn't miss many chances to take in the action at Hilltop this year, and I have to thank the entire crew down there for making this place feel like home. There's more than one reason this place packs the stands every night, and the 3 wide action is just part of the equation.

A couple of our other local tracks weren't quite so lucky in 2013. Lakeville sat silently all season and Barberton only managed to put on a few shows towards the end of the season. Car counts and the grand stands suffered for the shows they did have and their big show to end the season ended up getting cancelled. Let's hope for better news in 2014 for both of these tracks. It's a damn shame to see any track sit idle, especially tracks with histories like these tracks have.

It was another great season for DFC Racing carburetors too. The 4bbl carbs became more popular while in this area, while the 4412's continued to spread across the country with great results. Last year was the first time ever that carb sales and service took some time off during the off-season, and it worked out very well. Therefore, the benches have been cleared off for now. Local racers can still drop off their carbs to be freshened up, but shipping new carbs will not return until December. It's nice to set some time aside to rebuild inventory and gear up for the 2014 season. More improvements have already begun, and our famous recipe for the 4412's will be slightly tweaked for the new season as well. Thanks to all of our loyal carb customers and congrats on some very impressive seasons!

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