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Date: Sunday, March 16 @ 09:34:56 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Those racing fumes are getting closer and closer folks and the gang down at Hilltop is in high gear already. They've been busting ass the past few weekends making preparations for the 2014 season which will begin next weekend with an open practice on Saturday and Autocross event on Sunday. Most would agree that track prep is at the top of the list of things to do and to do right, and Buck takes this very seriously. He's already got the heavy equipment in action and has looked at many ways to improve the racing surface this year. Anybody that ever doubted that Hilltop has been adding good clay to the track these past few years can clearly see the proof in the picture above. Clay is just the beginning, and just as important is the shape and layout of the track surface. Improvements will begin at the pit ramp onto the track and will include improved banking on the front stretch and a more level banking in those trouble areas through the turns. This place is already known for the best side by side racing in the area, and these improvements are aimed at stepping that up yet another notch. It would be easy for any track owner to take the surface and quality of their show for granted, but it's more than clear already that Buck isn't one of those people. This guy never stops looking for ways to improve any and all aspects of the show for racers and fans. Now it's up to the racing community to step up and support his efforts. I've said for many years that any racers or fans that have complaints or concerns can get the issues solved much easier by dealing directly with the track owners. They need and want to hear from you to clear things up in a positive way instead of the typical negative bashing online that gets nothing resolved. This track owner in particular is more than happy to address any concerns right away because his main goal is making his track the best it can be for everybody involved.

I dare to say that if every race track had an owner as motivated as Buck, they could all see improvements that benefit everybody while building a better future for area racing overall. Hell, maybe then they wouldn't turn into horse farms or something, Yep, I just went there! ;-)

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