The Secret Must Be Out!
Date: Sunday, April 13 @ 16:10:20 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Oh alright, it's no secret that the place to find the best 3 & 4 wide racing in this area is at Hilltop Speedway, but from the looks of the crowd last night it's clear that many of you have been sharing that information with others. It's just plain awesome to see such support for this place and the gang at Hilltop is always eager to return the favor. An overflowing parking lot for a regular weekly show is a problem that any track would be happy to have. Many many great fans showed up to make that happen Saturday night. With the much improved weather this week, car counts inched up a bit and the competition was as stout as ever. I'm convinced the drivers really take pride in the shows they provide each week and they damn sure should. The Late Models once again had the crowd on their feet most of the feature and I doubt anybody but Markham dared to guess the final result until the checkers flew. JR Gentry seemed to have the field covered but he had his hands full more than once from behind. With Duncan having problems and going to the tail, it looked like Gentry would sneak out the win by holding off Markham and others. Ryan Markham had other plans on the final restart and I'm told that Gentry had a rear caliper problem which only made the pass for the lead look more dramatic. Markham doesn't pick up the wins nearly as easy as he once did, but he was on a mission those final laps to take this one home. What a show! The Modifieds put on a great show of their own but the battles were all for second on back this time. Jesse Wisecarver rolled into Millersburg looking to get some extra seat time at Hilltop before the Renegade show coming up next week. It sure as hell didn't look like he needs any practice here. ;-) The Street Stocks refused to be out performed by any other division and the strong field put on one hell of a display of horsepower and racing on the edge attitudes. The fella they call Captain Smooth Brandon Gardner, showed how he got that name by fighting off everything Kyle Moore and others threw at him. If only Moore could have learned something about control while he was back there, the outcome could have been different. Nahhhh, there seems to be no changing this guys driving style after all these years. I just hope he has a damn good body panel sponsor. :-0

There was one scary moment last night when Jim Large had some health issues. I happened to be next him when he went down and signaled for help and the crew wasted no time taking care of business. The track announcers often brag about having the best safety crew around but folks, that's no bullshit. The Dzugan Fire & Rescue crew has been working area tracks for many years and I put alot of faith in these people. I can only hope that if I ever have major health issues it's at one of these tracks where they work. They might like to joke and have fun but they're all business when it counts. Hats off to ya crew! Best wishes go out to the Large family too. Get your butt back out there in that truck "young fella"!

By the way, don't forget that the Renegades Of Dirt come to Hilltop next Saturday April 19th. They're sure to bring some strong talent chasing that $3000 to win. Last year even Nascar legend Kenny Schrader made the trip for this one. All weekly divisons except Mini-Wedges will also be in action. BE THERE!!

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