That Didn't Take Very Long!
Date: Thursday, May 08 @ 10:19:34 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

So, where the hell was I last Saturday night seems to be a popular question this week. I took a trip to Midvale Speedway or "the dark side" as many of you folks call that asphalt racing stuff. Mother Nature tried her best to ruin our night but she failed. It was just the second night of racing action for the season at Midvale and I was shocked at the lack of a decent crowd. Come on people, the Smiths have put tons of money and hard work into providing the nicest facility in the area. Ya gotta support the place now! Sure, the weather had something to do with it but this idiot left his house in a down pour to head to the track. When the night was over I can honestly say it was worth the trip too. Miller has only tried his new ride once before under race conditions and it's clear that this thing is a huge improvement over last years car, there's still room for improvement. That was the goal for this week, and it did get a little better. Better enough to qualify second, snag second in the heat race while tripping over the leader, and better enough to take home the feature win in fine Mike Miller style. The trip to the front of the pack was fairly uneventful, but once in the lead those damn double file restarts would make him work for this win. Fast qualifyer Randy Smart was the best challenge he had and they'd race side by side for a lap or two after the restart. Smart couldn't pull off the pass and dropped into line only to watch Mike drive away. A light sprinkle in the final laps would allow Smart to close the gap a bit but with the smell of the white flag in the air, Miller got back to work and drove away for the win. Damn, that was purrrrty!

I'm told I missed some great action and an awesome track surface at Hilltop Saturday night. You won't want to miss this Saturday on "The Hill" as the Late Models will be racing for $1500 to win. This field of Late Models has already proven to be too tough for at least one local driver on a weekly basis, and this week should be even stronger. It's pretty clear by now that if you're only interested in an easy win, this isn't the place you'll find it. It takes much more than a wide open throttle to win here!

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