Almost Done
Date: Monday, September 02 @ 10:46:01 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Our racing season is just about over for the year,with just a couple special events left to go.Hopefully we'll make it to both of them and get a little more use out of the car before we put it away for the winter.On September 21st,we plan to show up for the WCS invitational race if all goes well.We sure don't want to miss the Ohio Dirt Blowout at Lakeville on Sept.27th & 28th either.Richie has had the best runs of his career at this event and this year he'll be bringing more car than ever before.This year should be a blast! This season has been a little rocky and we must apologize to our fans and sponsors for missing a few races for the first time ever.We certainly didn't want to miss any races and I think things are finally headed the right direction to get back to normal around here.Only time will tell.Hopefully we can make up for all our struggles with a KICKASS run at Lakeville!! We gotta thank our fans,sponsors,and fellow racers for supporting us through a rough year and never giving up on us.You folks are great! Also,congrats go out to our buddy Randy Pollock for putting together one hell of a season and finshing 5th in the points at WCS.That's a major accomplishment in our class and he certainly earned it the hard way.Way to go Randy!! It's a pleasure to race with fine folks like you.Just remember us "little folks" when you make it in the big show some day. ;-)

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