We've Just Lost A Dirt Racing Legend
Date: Monday, March 23 @ 12:01:23 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Anybody that has been around racing at all knows the name Eal Baltes quite well. Sure many know him as the owner of Eldora Speedway for what seemed like forever. But this man did much more than own and operate a race track. He created it from scratch and then went on to spend decades of hard work and tons of his own money promoting it in ways that no other track owners have dared to do. To say he was successful in his quest to make his track the king of all dirt tracks, would be a huge understatement. Eldora Speedway and Earl Baltes both went on to become legendary over the years and he never let up on his dedication to the racers, the fans, and the sport he loved so much. Hats off to ya Earl and may you rest in peace knowing that you've not only created the most famous dirt track in the world, but also made racing what it is today. You will truly missed but NEVER forgotten!

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