Hilltop Gets Opening Night In The Books
Date: Sunday, April 05 @ 06:41:40 MST
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It took a couple extra weeks to finally kick off the 2015 season at Hilltop, but it was worth the wait. Mother Nature has done her best to remind us of her long ugly winter, but Hilltop reminded us why we can't wait for winter to be over. With the cold weather still hanging around this weekend, and the early date on the calendar, car counts were down in the top divisions. However, the counts in the support classes was impressive, and the crowd in the stands was very impressive. I talked to many folks that said they probably wouldn't be there this week due to the cold weather, but they just couldn't stay away when race day came around. Hats off the the hearty Hilltop supporters that braved the weather to fill the stands on another cold opening night.

Some drivers don't have their rides ready yet but showed up to take in the show. And guys like Rory Reed showed up in a borrowed car just to get his season started. Unfortunately his feature ended early just when it was getting to look pretty damn good for him. Just when he decided to try the high side where that car was born to run, somebody decided to park up there as Rory was on his way to 2nd place. A broken spindle would end his night early but ya just know he'll be back for more next week.

The standout of the evening had to be Kyle Moore in his new Kryptonite Chassis Late Model. We've watched this young fella drive the wheels (and body panels) off his Street Stock in recent years with no shortage of excitement on any given night. There's absolutely no doubt this guy has what it takes to run balls to the wall and wide freakin' open around any track he tries. He's always had great equipment, and this year is certainly no different. Those Kryptonite cars have proven to be untouchable in the right hands. Last night Kyle showed his strength and his weakness in the same race. Setting fast time by nearly 1/2 second over non other than Corey Conley was very impressive. It was almost as impressive as his pass for the lead in the feature that left Conley looking like his car stalled. That's the point where many seasoned drivers would start to pace themselves a bit to save their equipment, knowing they had the field covered. Self control is what Moore has been lacking as long as I've watched him, and it's cost him plenty of wins and body panels over the years. Damn it man, when ya drive away to nearly a 1/2 lap lead, it's time to tone it down just a bit instead of taking yourself out by destroying the right rear tire and quarter panel. Sure it was awesome to run away from one of the best in the area and all, but on a regular night with a full field of cars it would have cost ya a kickass win. The short field allowed him to pit for a tire and come from the tail in no time to take the win anyway, but that was a rare opportunity. If this crazy bastard ever figures out that self control thing it will be a very tough season for the strong field of Late Models at Hilltop. Either way it's gonna be VERY entertaining to watch.

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