Warmer Weather Brings HOTTER Action At Hilltop
Date: Sunday, April 12 @ 07:55:40 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The temps might have only been a little better but it was enough to bring some of the best competitors in the area to Hilltop on Saturday night. Last week there was a short but strong field of Late Models on hand. This week the count grew to 22 cars including Moran, Conley, Drown, Markham, Hornikle, Duncan and the rest of the strong field we've come to expect on "The Hill". This field would surely put on a great show as well as show us how last weeks winner, Moore would stack up against them. Heat races and the Dash were interesting enough, but the Feature would prove why Hilltop has become known for keeping the crowd on it's feet. The night would end early for Hornikle and Markham as they got together in turn 2 and both headed for the trailer. That left Drown, Moran, Conley, and Moore to battle for the front spot, and that's exactly what they did. Moran and Drown would swap the lead at each end of the track for many laps while the battles behind them were really heating up. Moore would spin himself during one of those battles and would have to prove he could once again come from the tail to the front but this time through a full field of strong cars. I'll be damned if he didn't do just that while the leaders were putting on one hell of a show of their own. Once Drown and Moran got into lapped traffic, they took turns using the lapped cars to their own advantage. More than once they avoided contact and even disaster dealing with the traffic but the result was damn good clean racing to the checkers. At the flag it was Moran picking up the win but the little fella had to work for it right to the stripe. Conley would take 3rd while probably hearing the footsteps of that damn Moore kid sneaking up behind him. ;-)

The Modifieds would have a similar Feature battle as Loney and Duston went at it lap after lap. These guys put on a great show of their own as the rest of the field seemed to be fighting for 3rd. Rory Reed qualified second this week and looked very strong early before getting pinched off going into turn 3 and choosing to spin himself out rather than moving the other car out of his way. Reed would smoothly work his way back through the field to bring home a top 5 and a complete race car unlike last week.

The Street Stock Feature was at least a little more entertaining this week with Daugherty giving Lonas more of a challenge, but Lonas would once again pick up a fairly easy looking win. Gee, do ya really think the big advantage is all horsepower here? This class has really gotten out of hand over the years and it's probably too late to fix it. I guess we should all get used to seeing rear steer and left front tires in the air in this division. Sorry, but I know I'm not the only one that has lost most of my interest in this division.

A division that sure as hell seems to have plenty of interest this year is the Mini Stocks. In recent years the car counts have slowly dropped off but this year that has really turned around. Both nights of action so far at Hilltop required a B-Main for this class. A whopping 33 of these things showed up this week and while some fans may not like to watch them, I think it's a very good sign for local racing to see a class actually grow. The other growing class this season is the Modlites and this division brings plenty of wild action of it's own. These cars used to only get a couple nights on the schedule in recent years but the excitement has grown a bit since being added to the nightly schedule. You won't want to miss a single night of the 2015 season at Hilltop for sure! Just be sure to bring the family and friends to share the experience. It will give you plenty to talk about all week long until the next night of action.

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