Conley Makes It 3 In A Row At Hilltop
Date: Monday, August 10 @ 18:54:50 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

For the first time in a few weeks, I finally got to stay for the entire show at Hilltop. My parents took turns getting hauled to the emergency room in recent weeks, and although my dad is still in pretty bad shape, he's at least out of the hospital for now. THANKS to all the support from those of you in the racing community!

I have been at the track long enough lately to see some very nice car counts and great crowds, and this week was even better. A strong field of 25 Late Models and 24 Modifieds were just the icing on the cake this week. All divisions brought very good car counts and put on great shows and the kids were also treated to some extra fun and prizes since it was Kids Night. The great support of racers, sponsors, fans, and others was obvious as they all pitched in to donate prizes and more. Hats off to all of you!

The Late Model feature this week was action packed as always, and for Corey Conley it was time to see if his most recent tweaks to his ride would allow him to continue his win streak on The Hill. He was plenty fast in qualifying but failed to set fast time. When it was time for the Dash, he was once again quick to make his way to the front but Kyle Moore seemed to be in his own zone for the first time in a few weeks as he picked up the Dash win. Moore would start on the pole for the feature and it would be up to Conley and the others to find a way around him. On the first lap they did just that and Moore quickly found himself in 3rd place in a group of 4 cars all fighting for the lead. I had a feeling Moore wouldn't stand for 3rd place and we'd be in for a wild show as he went to work to do something about that. Cheer him or boo him, nobody can deny this fella puts on one hell of a show, and gets every single bit of performance out of a car that it has to offer. By the end of a night that's often shown by the lack of straight body panels on the car, but we've all come to expect that by now :-) Before long Moore worked his way into 2nd while trying his very best to widen the track on both ends. That high groove allowed him to begin his run on the outside of Conley for the lead. A caution would kill his momentum and it just never seemed to return after the restart. He was able to hang with Corey but just couldn't make another charge for the lead. After clearing some lapped traffic it looked like Conley found an overdrive gear in that Bert transmission as he set sail all by himself to pick up his 3rd feature win in a row. I'm not sure what it's going to take to end Conley's streak but there's plenty of talent at Hilltop each week that can pull it off so I reckon we might just find out next week.

Next Saturday, August 15th will be their last chance for a while to end that win streak as Hilltop closes out their points season on Season Championship Night. After that they'll have to wait until the 7th Annual Weekend On The Hill that will be held on September 18th and 19th. More details on that show will be posted soon but this is one of those shows you sure as hell don't want to miss. Load up the family and friends and get your dirt racing fix while ya can folks!

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