My Dad, My Best Friend, My Hero
Date: Thursday, August 13 @ 05:52:47 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

No matter how much time we're given to prepare for something like this, the loss of a loved one always seems too soon. I can honestly take comfort in the fact that Pop was much more prepared to leave this earth than the rest of us were for his passing. I often felt somewhat selfish for wanting him to be here forever, especially while watching him suffer so much the past few years. The past few weeks have been the toughest to witness, and I'm actually thankful that he's finally resting with no more pain and suffering. This great man that made me who I am today passed away peacefully before my very eyes, and while I'm sure our pain will last a while, his is finally gone. For that I'm very grateful.

While he may no longer be here with us, the life long lessons he gave me will never go away. I've done my very best to pass them along to my own kids and my granddaughter because they're so very important and valuable. If it wasn't for Pop, I probably would have never gotten involved in racing, but he gave me so much more. He taught us that hard work is a blessing to be proud of, not a curse. He taught us to treat everybody with respect, even those that may not earn it. I watched this man literally give his last dollar from his wallet to help somebody in need. Back in the good ol' days he even helped racers that we competed against to get a decent engine when they were in need. A couple of those racers are still very thankful to this day, and have even reminded me of his help when they needed it the most. I could easily fill a book with stories of his kind gestures and what they've taught me over my lifetime. I doubt that many that were lucky enough to know him would need to read that book though. They already know what a great man he was and have probably also learned from him. Pop may have moved on to a much better place, but his lessons will live on for generations. For that and so much more, I'm truly thankful. Rest in peace Pop. You've certainly earned it!

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