Wild Night At WCS
Date: Sunday, September 22 @ 20:13:56 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We made our last trip to WCS for the season last night for their "invitational" race.Since it was an "invitational" race we showed up with our trusty 4bbl. in place.We had major traction problems the last time we ran the 4bbl., so we added 160lbs. of extra weight in just the right spot.THANKS Bill Franks!! It sure seemed to be the cure for our problems and the car was a rocket during hot laps.It might have been just a bit too fast since it seems that somebody complained about those of us that were running 4bbl. carbs.Gee,I never expected those folks to worry about little ol' DFC Racing. They got their "rewards" later in the night. :-) Anyway,it actually helped us out a little since it made us move up to the Sportsman Late class for the night.We tried to run with that class a few weeks ago but weren't not allowed.We've been quite eager to see how our car would run against those wedge bodied cars that weigh around 1000 lbs. less than ours.Unlike some teams out there,we like a good challenge.Since we were added to the class late,we were put on the tail of the heat race.That wasn't gonna hold Richie back though as he pulled off a stunning launch at the drop of the green.He picked up 2 spots between turn 4 and the flag stand!! He was eatin' those guys up.Our fun would quickly come to an end though as sparks flew from under the car and Richie felt the shake of death coming from under the hood.He wisely backed off and headed for the pits.We feared the worst as we pulled the hood but felt much better to see that the harmonic balancer had grenaded.As quickly as he reacted to the shake,the motor shouldn't have been hurt any from what we can tell.We'll have it back together in plenty of time for the big weekend at Lakeville next week.It sure would have been great to see how we stacked up against those guys for the whole race but it was awesome while it lasted.It's hard to believe that some of the other teams in our class seem scared to run with that class.Sissy boys! :-)
Later in the night,in the feature for our regular class, there was a major,,, umm,,, "difference of opinion" that resulted in a knock down/drag out ass woopin,and a visit from several sherrif cars and an ambulance.Now I'm not saying it's right to deal with problems on the track in that way,but it just seemed to be a fitting end of a season for a pair of brothers that have caused a fight nearly every week at WCS.It would be nice if the track officials could see clearly enough to not only punish the winner of the fight,but maybe,, just maybe, think about the cause of almost every fight in our class all year.It's just a thought.Well,stay tuned for our Lakeville news next week.

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