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Date: Thursday, December 05 @ 16:18:25 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Twas the night before Christmas,
And I was out in the shop,
Nobody stopped by,
Not even the cops.

It's awful quiet around here,
And I guess there's a reason.
There's no motors revving,
Cuz it ain't racin' season.

The motor was hung,
On the stand with great care.
Cuz for the next few months,
It's not goin' nowhere.

Half of my tools were out,
Scattered all over the bench.
Now just where the hell,
Did I put my 9/16 wrench?

I was out there that night,
Fabricating for next year.
I've found my wrench,
But I've now lost my beer.

I started to cuss,
Cuz things weren't going well.
Then I heard a loud roar,
And said "What the hell?"

At first I just thought,
It was Bill's blown bow tie.
Nahh,that couldn't be him,
I didn't hear those huge tires fry.

I looked out the door,
And right there he stood.
When I saw what Santa was driving,
It gave me wood!

Santa was driving,
A Hemi Cuda ya see.
I stuttered and stammered,
And said "did ya bring that for me?"

Santa just laughed,
And said "I've got something better."
I didn't see Shania,
So I guess he didn't get my letter.

He said "I've been watching,
DFC Racing the past few years."
Then he reached in his bag,
And pulled out 2 beers.

He said "I've noticed,
That you guys play by the rules.
But I think it's about time,
You whoop up on those cheatin' fools!"

Then he just stood there,
With a shit eatin' grin.
He sipped his beer and said "Next season,
You'll get your WIN!!"

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