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Date: Sunday, March 02 @ 19:33:00 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

You may have noticed the lack of activity around here and wondered what was going on. We're usually quite busy this time of year trying to get the car ready for the upcoming racing season. Normally by now, we would have had plenty to update all of you on as far as our progress. Well, this year is not a "normal" year for us. First of all, this is the first year that we haven't had to basically build a car from scratch and that lead us to waiting a little longer before getting in the mood to get busy. Then of course the weather hasn't helped much either. It was quite a job just getting the car back inside this weekend so we could get started. To top it all off, it appears that "we" turned into "I" when it came to getting started on it. I've been pretty busy this weekend but there's a ton of work to do before this thing will be race ready. Not only do I need to get it back together, but I plan to make a few improvements before the season starts. I still haven't even ordered the lettering for the car yet. I've got alot of the damaged parts off the car but have some fabricating to do to get it all back together. After that, I need to get it ready for paint and lettering. Next would be getting the engine ready and back into the car. Then, if there's still time, I'll get around to the improvements that I've had planned all winter. I guess what I'm saying is "HELP!!" If any of you folks out there feel like getting dirty and don't mind working your ass off, please get in touch with me. I promise not work ya too hard and we're bound to have some fun along the way.Oh yeah, I did manage to post a few pics of the rebuild in the gallery to keep you up to date. I finally got around to posting a new poll too. Enjoy!

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