Time To Get Busy!
Date: Monday, March 17 @ 22:10:28 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got off our asses and got something done today. By the end of the day, we had replaced quite a bit of ugly with new parts. We also got a good idea of exactly how to go about getting this thing back together in time for race day. There's plenty left to do but if all our plans work out, we should be fine. Of course, we usually run into a few snags that set us back a little but we always work through them. I think getting this thing together in time will be a real test to see just how hard we'll tackle the upcoming season. If we can manage to pull this off, there should be no stopping us once we get to the track. I posted a few more pics in the gallery to keep ya folks up to date. Over the next couple days I may not get time to keep the pics coming, but I'll do my best. Again, if any more of you would like to stop by and get dirty with us, don't be shy. From this point on, it will be pretty much an around the clock ass busting party, til we make this thing shiny and noisy. Then the real fun begins. ;-) Just remember,, if you show up after dark, feel free to bring your own beer!!

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