It's Alive!!
Date: Sunday, March 30 @ 21:25:53 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Well,we may have missed test & tune day but that was mainly because we never figured they'd run in that crappy weather. We were wrong. I did get to the track to see how the competition looked and there really wasn't much to see. Not many folks showed up and the ones from our class were mostly new racers. It still felt good to get back to the track though. Any way, we got back to work this morning and finally got around to my favorite part. Yes, the motor is in and broken in. The driveway was too cluttered to make our yearly road test but I'm sure we'll get to that soon. Everything went almost too smooth and we got about one hour run time on the motor already. This was the day I've looked forward to and the neighbors have been dreading all winter. ;-) Ya just gotta love it! Now that that's out of the way, we've only got a few little things left to do before the car hits the track. Since we have next week off, we'll have plenty of time to make sure we're ready. I've really gotta thank those of you that stopped by and pitched in to help us get this far. We will also be announcing our sponsors for the season just as soon as the final details are worked out. We're happy to say that at this point, our previous sponsors will be returning and at least one new company will be on board for this season. Thanks folks!!

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