Road Trip!!
Date: Sunday, April 06 @ 19:02:35 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got to make our yearly road trip to try out the motor and piss off the neighbors today. The only complaint we got from the neighbors this year was that we didn't let them know in advance and they didn't get to video tape all of it. They managed to get some of it though and seemed to enjoy the show. I gotta say I enjoyed it a lil bit myself. That was all the encouragement we needed to finish the car off and it's pretty much race ready now. There's still a few tiny thing I plan to get done before race day but it's ready to hit the track right now if we needed to. We just have to thank all of you that made this possible again. We cut it kinda close this year but we proved once again that ya just can't hold back DFC Racing when it counts. Now, lets' RACE dammit!! ;-) BTW: There's a few more pics of the finished car and even the road trip in the gallery today. Enjoy!

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