It's Alive,,,again
Date: Saturday, April 06 @ 21:38:53 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Well our good motor is totally wiped out and all the parts are at the shop. We couldn't stand the thought of missing a points race for the first time ever so we picked up a motor to throw in for now. It's not much but hopefully it will last til we get our good stuff back. We spent the last couple of days putting a few of our spare goodies in it and putting it in the car. We had no idea what to expect when we tried to start it but we might have done alright. Not only did it fire right up but it doesn't sound all that bad. We'll still need to do some adjusting and tuning before we know for sure what we've got but I think it will do the job for now. Thanks to Mother Nature we have to wait another week to see how it does on the track but that just gives us more time to work on dialing the car in a little better. It also gives our lil sissy motor one last week of rest before it gets the flogging of a lifetime.Ahh,if it only knew...;-)

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