Let's Race!!
Date: Friday, April 11 @ 21:50:09 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Opening day is only hours away and the weather forcast looks pretty good. I put the finishing touches on the car tonight and it's as ready as it's gonna get. Since we didn't get any test time in this year, tomorrow could be interesting. We'll either break something right away, be way off on setup, or kick some ass! I'm hoping for the ass kicking but ya never know.:-) As long as the car comes home in one piece, I guess we'll be happy for the first week any way. It usually takes some time to get everything dialed in just right and until we hit the track we won't know just how good or bad we are. If all goes as planned, we should be at least a little better than when we ended up the 2002 season and that wasn't too damn shabby. All I know is I'm more than ready to hit the track and get back to racing!! Come on out folks and have some fun with us. It's finally RACING season! See ya at the track ;-)

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