Opening Night Destruction Derby
Date: Sunday, April 13 @ 10:30:06 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

What a night we had last night. We were actually fairly close on the setup from the start and things were looking pretty good. We made a few adjustments for the heat race and things were looking even better. This was without a doubt the best car we have ever put on the track. Richie started 6th in the heat and was looking great for a while. Then he got a little too eager going for fourth place and decided to show the fans both sides of the car in turn one.Damn you Richie!;-) That put him on the tail but he managed to get back to 6th in the remaining 2 laps. We were just happy to see that the car was very strong and didn't have a mark on it after the heat race. That would all change in the feature though. After another small adjustment the car was was near perfect and Richie looked like he was out for a Sunday drive. He could pick off a car when ever and where ever he wanted to. Then the shit hit the fan. A few spots ahead of him, a driver seemed to be trying to avoid racing at all costs and ended up putting another car into the wall. That car slammed off the wall and shot right across the front of Ol' #9 just before pounding the inside guardrail. Richie was parked halfway through the other car. The red flag was thrown while they worked on getting the other driver out and the cars apart. This was the worst wreck DFC Racing has ever had and the car shows it. Most of the damage is in the front sub frame which is destroyed but many other parts are junk or damaged including the rear-end. This will be a real challenge to get back together anytime soon, but I think we've been here before. We'll see how this plays out. I don't even want to get into all the bullshit we went through last night with the tech Nazi not to mention the ummm,,,,driver that caused all the destruction. That's a whole different story.

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