All Of DFC Racing Gets Busy!
Date: Sunday, April 13 @ 22:53:29 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

By the time the car arrived this morning, there was quite a crew here waiting to get busy. As soon as the car was sitting still in the garage parts started flying. Those folks in Nascar don't have crews this damn good! I couldn't get sheet metal off fast enough for our body expert, Bob Smith, and his crew of 2 sons. Before I knew it, they had restored every freaking body panel that I had written off as scrap. Damn!! Meanwhile Bill Franks was checking all the frame damage and had already made a plan for rebuilding the front half of the car. The car was gonna have to go to his shop and we'd replace the entire front subframe and redesign a few other things under there. Before the trip to Bill's shop we hooked it to my "stretching machine" and pulled out most of the other damage. Bill got busy on it this afternoon and we plan to remove the old subframe early tomorrow morning. Richie has already picked up the replacement one and if all goes well it will be in place by mid-week. We've decided that even if the car isn't all purrtied up in time, we plan to race this Saturday to pick up where we left off. The time for purrrty is over and "Mr. Nice Guy" has left the building. If you can't hang on to your own car out there, get the hell out of the way,cuz we ain't following any more. Being nice has destroyed our car far more times than being too aggressive. It's time to try a different approach. Once again our friends have amazed us with their support in a time of need. DFC Racing may never have the very best equipment, but we certainly have the very best crew by far! Thanks guys!! You folks make even the toughest of times fun.

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