What A Week!
Date: Saturday, April 19 @ 12:12:07 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's been quite a week but we'll be back in action tonight thanks to the legendary Bill Franks. Once again Bill saved our ass by busting his. Well,,he mighta busted ours a little too but that's alright. ;-) After a full week of extrememly long days, the car is better than it ever was as far as structure goes. We'll probably have to work a bit on getting the setup as good as it was but that shouldn't be too rough. We'll get around to making it purrty again too someday. For now we just need to get it to the track and get back to where we left off. After the week we've had, we're all more than eager to get out there "vent" a little. Come on out and watch the excitement and be sure to give Bill a pat on the back if ya see him. He's Da Man!!! THANKS Bill!!

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