Still In One Piece
Date: Sunday, April 20 @ 01:56:54 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It may not have been quite the night we were looking for but the car came home in one piece. We also know what we need to do to get the setup closer to what we had on opening night. We started the night so far off it was almost painful to watch hotlaps. We made a few adjustments for the heat race but that only caused more problems. Richie started 2nd but quickly dropped back and finished 8th because the car refused to turn into the corners and was way too loose coming out. We threw a bunch of adjustments at the car for the feature and we're now headed in the right direction. The car will turn now but it's still too loose coming off the corners and that finally got the best of Richie late into the feature. He started 15th and took a couple laps to get used to the changes we had made. Once he got more comfortable, things started looking pretty good. He had worked his way to 8th when the loose condition bit him in the ass. He looped the car in turn 4 and right after that the radiator decided our racing was over for the night. Not wanting to hurt the motor, Richie brought it pitside and we loaded Ol' #9 on the trailer . It just felt good to bring it home in one piece after the week we've just had. Richie also managed to avoid 2 good chances to destroy the car in the feature with some kickass reflexes. Nice job Richie! Now we just need to work a bit more on the setup and take a little gear out of the car to get where we want to be. It's nearly impossible to get the setup perfect but after the way the car ran last week, we know we can get pretty damn close. That's our goal for the coming weeks. Hell, we might just get lucky and make it even better than it was.That would be nice! ;-) Oh yea, I just gotta say it one more time. THANKS Bill Franks!!

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