A Complete Feature!
Date: Sunday, April 27 @ 10:40:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It only took us 3 weeks but we were finally able to complete the feature race last night and bring the car home with only minor sheet metal damage. We fought the setup all night and actually over adjusted for the feature. Damn you Bob! That made the car a handful for Richie to fight but he hung in there to finish 9th. In the heat race he started 4th and he quickly slid into 2nd even though the car was way too loose. It finally jumped out from under him a little too much and he lost some spots but he battled back to finish 4th. All in all, it wasn't such a bad night but we all know there's much more left in the car that we just have to be able to use. We're still over geared and we just haven't nailed down the exact setup we had on opening night. Don't worry folks, we'll get there. It may take some time but the results will be worth it. The car is at least as good as our best night from last season and we know there's more speed to be found in the car. We even know where it's hiding but we'll have to fight to get it out. We were happy to see Full Throttle Racing return this week after their wreck from last week. It's nice to race with such a fine group of folks. Sadly they fell victim to the dreaded "Tech Nazi" last night. What a load of total BULLSHIT! Race fans, it's time to let the folks at the track know how we all feel. It would be nice to see Mr. Nazi enforce some of the rules that were written to keep spoiled little punks from dominating/destroying our class instead of nit picking stupid shit that has already been approved. It would also be nice if Mr. Nazi would actually sit down and READ THE FREAKING RULES until he finally understands them. I'd be more than happy to help him sound out the big words. Hell, I'd also be willing to point him in the direction of the violations. Here's a hint,,,,look at the really really fast cars. ;-) I will spend some time with John Hess this week to make it clear how we feel about all the crap going on in our class. I hope all of you will at least contact them by email and tell them how you feel. We need more folks like Randy Pollock and his crew out there and it would be a shame to see them get run off while the real cheating bastards bring home a "weekly paycheck" from WCS and continue to ruin our class. Give 'em HELL folks!

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