Mother Nature Wins!
Date: Sunday, May 04 @ 22:54:14 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature might have stopped us from running our feature but she didn't completely ruin our night. We made a few changes during the week to find that extra bite we've been needing and with the help of a fellow racer, we found more than we needed. Thanks Gary! Between the changes we made and Gary Richards' sticky Hoosiers, we ended up with a car that pushed like a dump truck getting into the corner. Richie fought the dump truck to finish 4th in the heat race before the rain ended our night. The extra bite was awesome coming off the corners though and the increase in speed was surely noticable. Now we just need to find the setup that will free the car up getting into the corners and we'll be right where we wanna be. Hopefully we can get there soon and stay out of trouble the rest of the season so we don't have to start from scratch again. We sure missed our friends from Full Throttle Racing out there last night. It's a shame that our home track seems to kiss the asses of the cheating bastards while screwing the "good guys". I spent hours at the track last Tuesday trying to set things straight and I'm not done yet folks. I did manage to get a few points accross but obviously the Tech Nazi hasn't quite caught on yet. He still seemed to be more interested in messing with folks about bullshit stuff than actually inspecting cars for the real cheating that is going on. They did furnish him with a "babysitter" to keep him from being quite such an asshole to the teams though. It was a nice thought but it didn't seem to work as planned. Yup,,,,,still an asshole! ;-) Sorry folks, I just call them like I see them. BTW: In case you haven't noticed,I've added the option to vote for the beloved Tech Nazi on our survey. It looks like some of you have already noticed though. ;-)

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