Date: Sunday, April 21 @ 00:53:45 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got to start our season after 2 weeks of Mother Nature delays and we had quite a night. Our good motor isn't back together yet so we weren't sure what to expect. First off we had to pass inspection and we did so with flying colors. THANKS Bill Franks! The car looked pretty good in hot laps even though it was a touch too loose. Our lil sissy motor actually surprised us. This thing was pretty damn fast! We adjusted the car a little for the heat race and it got even better. Richie started 6th and was holding 3rd quite well against some pretty tough competition (inlcuding passing Ryan Anderson!) til the very last lap. During the heat race he was even able to pass John and out run him for the very first time ever! That cigar is gonna be sweet John ;-) Anyway,on the last lap things got all twisted up and he finished 5th. Our good buddy Randy Pollock ended up winning the thing. Nice run Randy! Due to some strange scoring,we ended up in the B-Main but at least we had the pole. Richie done good on the start and drove away in a hurry but then the caution came out and bunched the feild up again. This time John took advantage of Richie when he slipped high and things went downhill from there. Damn you John! ;-) John then scattered his tranny all over the track and it looked like Richie was gonna run away again. Our lil sissy motor decided it wasn't meant to be though and started into a slow death. Even with a limping sissy motor he finished 2nd! By the time the car was back in the pits the motor was done and it let us know about it. It sure sucked to miss the feature but to see that car run that strong with so little motor was simply awesome. We were running a completely stock bottom end that had been sitting in a barn for years! It's hard to believe but we finally have a car that handles like it's supposed to. We need to get busy getting our good motor back together now so we can see how good this thing can get. I'm sure it will make us change the setup some but if we can get it to handle like it did tonight,look the hell out! ;-)

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