Now We're Having Fun!
Date: Sunday, May 18 @ 01:58:54 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We put in a long night of racing but it was well worth it. We started the night with a make-up feature from 2 weeks ago when we got rained out. Of course we made quite a few adjustments during the week and we we're just hoping we went in the right direction. We sure did! Richie started 9th but wasted no time moving forward. We were finally running with the cars we've been shooting for since the opening night wreck. Hell, we were running away from some of them! Richie was working on a solid top 5 finish when the radiator hose put an end to our fun. Then Mother Nature tried to end our night completely but she only delayed us for a couple of hours. We replaced the hose and made a few adjustments for the heat race where Richie would start 7th. This time he shot through the field even quicker and was soon battling for the lead with the driver currently 2nd in points. (Damn asphalt racer ;-) With laps running out, Richie made a move for the lead on the bottom where the worst of the ruts were and ended up way out of shape. He hung onto it though and finished 3rd. The track was a total nightmare by the time we ran the feature and it took it's toll on ol' #9 before it was over. Richie started 7th and was off to a great start once again early. He played around in the top five before the track ate both front shock mounts. Things got pretty wild from there with the front of the car in the air more often than it was on the track. How the hell he hung onto it to finish the feature, I'll never know. Not only did he finish, but he battled hard enough to finish 7th! All in all, it was a pretty strong run all night long and we know there's still room for improvement. I guess we should congratulate a couple others for their runs tonight too. First off, Dave McMillen pulled off his second win of the season (damn asphalt punk ;-) . That's not too shabby for a "dirt rookie". I just wish he wouldn't have done it against us tonight. Also tonight, Tim Meyers came home with the feature win! It sure was nice to see somebody different win a feature this season for once. It was almost as much fun as watching a spoiled punk drive "junk" like the rest of us for a change. Not much fun is it Troy? ;-) We have next week off and that should give us time to repair some body panels and the shock mounts. I sure hope we can pick up where we left off tonight. This was just plain FUN!

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