Long Night
Date: Monday, June 09 @ 10:24:51 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got to hit the track again Saturday night and the track was in much better condition than our last time out. I wish I could say the same about the car. It seems the car didn't like being neglected for 3 weeks and it let us know about it. The motor was breaking up and the car refused to turn into the corners all night. Richie started 6th in the heat race and was unable to move forward at all. That put us in the B-Main where he started 3rd. The car was a little better by then and he managed to finish second. We made some more adjustments for the feature where he would start 17th but time ran out before we ever hit the track. Because of a curfew at the track we'll have to run our feature this coming Friday night. With such a poor starting spot for the make-up feature, we'll probably just use that race for a test session so we still have a car for the rest of the night of racing. We'll also need to get busy this week and try to cure the breaking up problem. See what happens when we get lazy for a few weeks?? ;-)
Oh yea,,I almost forgot,,,,Hi Ralph and welcome to our site!

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