A Full Night Of Racing
Date: Saturday, June 14 @ 11:39:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

This week we were able to scale the car and make quite a few changes to make the car, and Richie much happier. Thanks Dave for the use of the scales! Things looked great in hot laps but Richie decided to make an adjustment before we ran our make-up feature from last week. Damn you Richie! Since he started 17th we planned on using that race for a little more practice and just stay out of trouble so the car would survive the rest of the night. His adjustment made the car too tight getting into the corners and he had his hands full just to work his way up to 14th when it was over. By the time we ran the heat race, the track had changed more than we expected and we were still a little too tight but he managed a 5th place finish. That put him in the 14th starting position for the feature. We made one more change for the feature and it seemed to pay off. Richie was actually having fun again and worked his way as high as 6th at one point. He must have been having a little too much fun and couldn't hear those voices in his head that tell him "smoother is faster" and soon started over-driving the car. Damn you again Richie. At least he knew what he did wrong and still pulled off an 8th place finish, despite getting screwed on restart line-ups for a total of 3 positions. To top it off, the car came home in great shape and we'll only need to make a few changes for Mid-Season Championship night next week. Not a bad night of racing at all. If the improvements keep coming this could get to be alot of fun. Even more fun than winning the feature every freaking week. I would almost feel embarrassed after a few weeks,not to mention a couple seasons, of that. ;-)

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