Hot Diggety Damn!!!!
Date: Sunday, June 22 @ 11:32:14 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Most of you folks out there know that DFC Racing has had it's share of hard luck. Hell, we've destroyed the car twice in one season, scattered a new motor on opening test day, and even destroyed the car on opening night this season. Each and every time, we've busted our asses to return the following week. More than once I've been asked why I keep doing this and my answer was always the same. I wanted to see Richie get his first win and I didn't give a shit how long it took. The wait is over folks. Last night he finally pulled it off and it was damn well worth the wait. The look in his eyes when he came in told the whole story. That was one happy redneck! He had finally proven what I had suspected for quite a while. He really does have what it takes to win races. He may have given a few away over the years, but nobody was gonna steal this one away. I've accused him of being too nice of a guy on the track more than once but I guess nice guys can finish first once in a while. Last night was his night to prove that. From his 5th starting spot he shot to the lead before they completed the first lap! From there he never looked back. Had he looked back there he probably wouldn't have driven so hard into the corners a few times because there was no threat from behind. He managed to keep his head on straight for 12 laps of green flag racing and 14 laps of caution. Nice job Richie!!
I don't want this to sound like a typical victory speech but none of this would have been possible without the help of all of you out there. Our sponsors help us put the car on the track each year. Our friends and fans are always there to pitch in when we need a hand even after the worst of nights. A few of our fellow racers have also always been there to support us and make sure we had the parts and equipment we needed. We can't forget about Bill Franks and his help putting together the best car we've ever put on the track. Here's to all of you that made this possible!

Does this mean that we think we're gonna kick ass every week from now on? Well, no,,but it does mean that we know that we are capable of winning on any given night. That was our goal from the beginning and we're finally there. That doesn't mean that we're gonna just sit back and get lazy now either. We'll still be trying to improve each week. We've tasted victory and it was GOOD! It would be nice to taste it more often.

We're proudly dedicating this win to a great friend and sponsor that we lost to cancer last year. This one is for you Larry Holmes! I know damn well you were watching.

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