A Night For The Kids
Date: Sunday, June 29 @ 20:16:43 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Last night was Kid's Night at the track and I'm sure they all had a blast. The kids of DFC Racing may not have won the bike races but they sure had alot of fun. I took my son with me in the pits for the night so he could see just what goes on back there all night. He got to meet alot of racers and even got to horsing around with a few of them. He's still talking about the fun he had picking on John Holmes. It was great for him to see how racers get along and help each other out. He's always been into racing and helps out when he can but lately he's been putting in alot of extra hours in the garage. Last week we started building a Mini-Stock to add to the DFC Racing team. That's right, we'll be a multi-car team soon if all goes well. Since my son isn't old enough yet to drive, I'll have to stuff my tired old ass into it for a while I guess. That should be fun to watch. ;-) We're not sure how soon it will hit the track since our main concern is still making Ol' #9 a bit faster but stay tuned for the latest progress reports. Now to racing action from last night. Richie seemed to pick up where he left off last week early in the night. From his 9th starting spot in the heat race, he quickly shot forward and finished 4th. The feature wasn't quite as much fun but he did manage to pull off an 11th place finish and bring the car home in one piece. It sure was nice to see Randy Pollock and his crew back out there last night. He's been running a few other tracks since his run-in with the Tech Nazi and brought a different car out last night to break it in. There may be a few bugs to work out in the car but that kid has still got it. Come on back and see us soon Randy! I hope to add some pics of project Lil' #9 soon in our gallery. They'll be in the "Rebuilding" album when I get around to it.

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