Favoritism Admitted At WCS !
Date: Tuesday, July 08 @ 21:23:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

First off, there's no racing news tonight thanks to Mother Nature. The big show with the Xtreme Dirt Car Series has been rescheduled for Thursday night. That doesn't mean there wasn't any action tonight at the track though. There was quite a discussion once again between Full Throttle Racing and the Tech Nazi (sorry,we were never introduced so I don't know your real name) about the body on his car. I was playing the silent witness to most of the conversation until something he said made me snicker. That's when we saw just how profesional our track officials can be. I was accused of being a trouble maker and I was even called names (eek,not that!). The part that really stood out though was when Randy was told that he wouldn't have so much trouble if he would stay away from me. This was even repeated in front of no fewer than three witnesses. Aparently according to him, I'm a trouble maker because I believe in enforcing ALL of the rules for EVERYBODY, and have been around racing long enough to know a little about the rules and cheating. To top it off, I'm not shy about putting the truth out there for the world to see. Oh alright, so I call him Tech Nazi here on our site, but damn,,grow up. He's welcome to call me names at the track if it makes him feel better. I don't go to the track to kiss ass. I go to race. Racing shouldn't be about kissing ass. Leave that to the politicians. My concern is this. Should it matter who you pit with when it comes to passing inspection with the same unchanged car that passed just fine the past few seasons? Should it matter who your friends are, or if they kiss the right asses, how you are treated as a racer? I think the right answer is clearly NO! It was clearly stated otherwise tonight at Wayne County Speedway. It was made clear tonight that it does matter who you are and even who your friends are when it comes to enforcing the rules. It couldn't have been stated any clearer than it was tonight. WCS is, and has been for several years, the premier dirt track in the area. That's why it would be a real shame to see this type of favoritism continue out there. Let's hope they do the right thing. As for being on the shit list of an official that admits to playing favorites, ahh hell,, I think I'll get over it. Yep,,,, I'm over it already. ;-) On a much lighter note, it was sure great to see Chet Mullins back out at the track tonight. I guess ya just can't keep a real racer down for long. Good luck to ya Chet!

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