Great Time For A Break
Date: Monday, July 21 @ 00:24:45 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We're not scheduled to race the next 2 weeks and the break couldn't have come at a better time. We managed to cure part of our handling problems this past week but there's plenty more work to be done to get us back where we once were. We'll also be working on our power problem but we probably won't get that 100% cured til after the season is over. Richie did manage to pull off a 4th place finish in the heat race and was working on a top 10 in the feature until the very last lap. He got a little too greedy and ended up getting out of shape in turn 4 which cost him a few spots. Damn you Richie! The real action in the feature was up front. Not only did we see the return of Rory Reed to spice things up a little, but it was awesome to see Bob Daugherty just plain out drive the usual weekly top finisher. (notice I didn't say "winner") The crowd was was eager to show their approval too! Damn that was refreshing. I hear that at other tracks they have different winners quite often. Gee, I wonder what they do differently. Maybe WCS should look into that. ;-) Anyway, it was also nice to see Dave McMillin return last night. He was looking good til his clutch gave out. We also saw Randy Pollock back in action with his primary car. He was kicking some ass and working on a top 5 finish when his axle decided it had taken enough abuse. It sent him out of control and out of action. At least I think he managed to narrow up his body enough in the crash to make everybody happy. Oh yea, for you frequent visitors that may have noticed that last weeks news update is missing, that's my fault. I was working on the site and ummm,,, deleted it by accident. Sorry folks. You're not missing much. We had a shitty run anyway. ;-)

BTW: If any of you out there are looking for a mini-stock, contact me Here. I seem to have started a collection of the lil buggers and I'll never have the time to finish all of these projects.

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