Changes Are Good
Date: Sunday, August 24 @ 09:55:33 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We finally got to return to racing last night and that let us try out all the changes we made to the car several weeks ago. It sure was nice to see the car go through the corners like a race car again. Our favorite little camshaft has also bailed us out again. It may be little but it sure has saved our asses more than once. Richie managed to pull off a 3rd place finish in a pretty stout heat race by making a pass right at the stripe. That put us in the feature where he started 13th. He managed to miss a huge mess on the opening lap caused by a track favorite trying to win the race before turn one. I've seen people get penalized for jumping the start out there but I guess it just depends on who you are. Anyway, for the first few laps Richie was on one hell of a roll but he soon got a little too excited chasing down the leaders. That cost him a few spots but once he settled down he was able to move back up a little. Because of the shortened race he ran out of time but still finished 9th. We're happy with that considering the car is unhurt and it's handling like it should once again. It's a shame our season is about over now that we're on a roll again. Next week is the end of our points season and the annual mechanics race. We're planning on making a change this year for the mechanics race too. As you know, I usually slide my tired old ass behind the wheel for that and I've always enjoyed the shit out of it. This year though, we want to see Bill Franks give it a try. After all the hours he's put into the car I think it's only fair that he gets some fun from it all. He's no rookie when it comes to going fast but he's never had to go fast in circles before so he's kinda shy about giving it a try. That's why I'm putting up a special poll so you folks can show him how much you want to see him in the car. Come on folks,,,let him hear from you. Who knows, he might just become the next Buckey Bullet or something. ;-) If I should feel the urge to run that race too I'm sure I can find a car to climb into. That way Bill will have somebody to follow! :-)

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