The End Of Another Season
Date: Sunday, August 31 @ 22:23:55 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Last night put and end to our points season and looking back, I'd say we put together a pretty decent season this year. After rebuilding the car from opening night and having to start from scratch, we managed to improve almost every week. The past couple of weeks we managed to run like we did on opening night and compete with some pretty stout cars. This season we made a few more friends and raced with a great bunch of folks and that's what makes racing great. It's been a blast! Of course there were a couple rough spots and a controversy or two, but that's life. The good guys definately out number the bad guys in our class so we all got through it just fine. We enjoyed helping our fellow racers and God knows we appreciated their help too. To make this season even sweeter Richie finally pulled off a win as we all knew he would. We'll enjoy the memory of that night for quite a while. Hopefully next season will bring even more good times and some of the "problems" at the track will be resolved. What "problems" you may ask. Well at least one from last night stands out. There's something wrong when racers are warned by track officials to stay clear of the "golden child" during the feature or face being banned from the track. That's not racing,,,that's bullshit! Apparently the "golden team" thinks there's a conspiracy amongst the class to pick on them or take them out for money. They just don't seem to get it. There's no conspiracy. People are just sick of their shit, period. It only takes a certain amount of treating your fellow competitors like dirt and thinking your shit doesn't stink to make folks dislike you. I hope I made it clear earlier that folks like that aren't real racers and therefore not welcome on this site. In case they didn't get the message and are still reading this, let me put it as clear as I can. Ralph, Troy, and the whole #31 crew (& Tech Nazi too), you're right, I don't like you, or the way you race. No, I don't wish evil things upon you, pay or brainwash people to pick on you, or even curse you in my sleep. Believe it or not,, you're just not that important in my life. I simply don't like you, and your attitude towards racing. Get over it. I could care less if you like me or this site. I'm sure you don't and I'm already over it. You don't have to like me and I don't have to like you. That's just the way life is. Ain't it great? Anyway, there's way more to life than dwelling on something this trivial so hopefully this will put and end to this whole thing. Of course you may see things on this site that you don't like or agree with in the future but nobody makes you come here. As a matter of fact you were asked not to come here. The content of this site is comprised of a few different sources. They include simple facts, the opinions of myself, and the opinions of fellow racers and fans. While it may not always be polite, it is never slander as some have suggested. Trust me, I check into these things. The moral to all of this is,, if you don't like it,, don't look! You're more than welcome to build a site to show your dislike for me and I promise not to look at it. Enough of that crap,, onto racing. Last night we had over 40 cars in our class and that made for quite a show. The track was pretty rough so things were tight all night. Richie started 9th in the heat race and managed to make it to 6th in the 6 laps they allowed us. That put him in the B-Main where he started 3rd. He just plain drove his ass off to finish 2nd to our buddy Randy Pollock. It sure was nice to battle Randy again. By the time we ran the feature the track was down to one usable groove. There wasn't much passing but Richie did manage a 15th place finish from his 19th starting spot while battling once again with Randy the whole way. Not great, but we'll take it since the car came home in one piece again. The mechanics race was cancelled so Bill was let off the hook for now. We'll be looking to get him in the car before we put it away for the year though. We went into last night 7th in the points and hopefully we finished there. At worst we'll be 8th so we're content with our season. We still plan to run a couple more races at WCS and of course we're looking forward to the blowout at Lakeville. Come on out folks and enjoy what little racing we have left before the snow moves in on us. There's still some good racing left!!

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