Gearing Up For The Big Finish
Date: Sunday, September 07 @ 21:49:17 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

While our season is coming to an end quickly, that doesn't mean we're just sitting on our asses and bench racing. Well,,we may bench race a little bit but we're also trying to get the car ready for the big races left on our schedule. I even got to spend some time this week trying to do the same for one our fellow racers, Dave McMillen. Since he's nearing the end of his "dirt rookie" season we hope to see him end it right with a good solid run at Lakeville. We plan to spend some quality time at WCS this Tuesday for some testing if all goes well. Not only do we look forward to trying a couple new things but we're hoping to get Bill in the car for some fun,,,err,, ummm,, practice. The next few weeks could be very interesting if we manage to keep the car in one piece for it all. Stay tuned..........

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