Bill Franks Does Dirt!
Date: Tuesday, September 09 @ 22:52:42 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We were a little late getting to the track for practice today but we made the best of it. Before trying any of the changes we had in mind, it was time for Bill to pop his "dirt cherry" and see what real racing is all about. Oh sure he's no stranger to speed and our lil motor isn't much of a thrill for him, but he found enough power to get himself into trouble more than once. ;-) I must say though he was a quick learner and turned some pretty decent laps before he was done. It'll take more time to completely convert him to a dirt veteran but he's well on his way already. I've seen drivers take more than a full season to get this far so he's ahead of the game. He's no Scott Bloomquist just yet, but he should be able to hold his own in the next mechanics race and I hope to see that this weekend. Ya done good Bill! Anyway, we did get a little testing done too but we had to cut our practice short to save what laps we have left on the motor. We've got a few oil leaks to cure before Saturday and we're hoping the ol motor hangs in there long enough to race at Lakeville too. I think we found a setup today that will help a bunch at Lakeville as well as certain nights at WCS. It would have been nice to try a couple more things but we're happy with todays results. The best part was seeing Bill get to have some fun with the car he's put so many hours into. Bill Franks,, you Da Man!! ;-)

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