Ol' Smokey Just Won't Give Up
Date: Sunday, September 14 @ 18:02:49 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Not only did the motor stay together to finish another night of racing, but it put on a pretty good show too against the toughest pack of cars we've seen all year. I don't know where some of these cars came from but they were pretty impressive. Richie drove his ass off in the heat race to manage a 5th place finish. It was nice to make the feature from the heat because there were alot of very fast cars that ended up in the B-Main. We started 14th for the feature and we knew it would be tough to move towards the front. Not only were there 13 fast cars in front of us, but the ones behind us were some of our regular top five cars in our class. That just made Richie work a little harder for every spot while holding off some very strong challenges from behind. A caution with one lap to go bunched them back up and Richie bobbled just enough to give up one spot but was able to pick up another one right at the finish line to finish 11th. It was great to see him running with some of the fastest cars out there, especially with ol' smokey. Damn nice run Richie! I almost want to park the car now and start on the new motor before something ugly happens. Nahh,, it should be fun going to Lakeville with the momentum from the past two weeks. The car is handling great and Richie is on a roll, so all we need now is for the motor to hang in there just a little longer. Cross your fingers folks! ;-) While we had a good night last night, some of our buddies didn't have quite as much fun. Dave McMillen struggled in hot laps and later found alot of ugly inside his motor. Chet Mullins had his bad luck in the feature with a tire going down while hangin with Richie. Denny Shear mighta ended up with the worst luck though from the looks of the front of his car. OUCH! Guys, if we can be of any help at all, ya know where to find me. We'd love to see all of you back out there with us to end the season. Let's get ready for Lakeville!!

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