New Addition To DFC Racing
Date: Sunday, October 12 @ 22:08:20 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We're proud to announce the latest addition to DFC Racing. I guess we've finally converted Bill Franks from a drag racer to a dirt track racer. I just knew we could do it. ;-) The trick was to get him into our car and that was all it took. Oh sure, he's still got a few bad habits to break but he'll do just fine. While helping us the last few years he's grown more interested in what we do and that led him to buying a late model to play with. We're all looking forward to next season even more now. There are no plans of contending for the championship next season with this thing but it should be a blast. Who knows, maybe there's another Rookie Of The Year award for DFC Racing in the near future. I guess I'll have to add another section to the rebuilding catagory to keep you folks informed as this car gets put together too. There will be some more pics also in the "rebuilding" album. Once we work out some more details we'll update everybody on our complete plans for next season. Stay tuned!

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