Happy Birthday To Me!
Date: Wednesday, April 24 @ 10:34:32 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a fun one. After working around the clock to get our new motor together and put in the car,we headed out to the track for a day of testing. We needed to break in the new motor and change our setup to better match the extra power. Richie was easy on the fresh motor for about 3 laps and then cut it loose. As expected the car was a little loose but damn did it look good! We adjusted the car a little and he gave it another try. We might just get the hang of this setup stuff yet. It was near perfect except our small lack of traction. He's never been able to hit turn 3 like that in his life! Then it was my turn to play. I wanted to get a feel for what the car was doing out there and how much adjustments affect the car. Besides it was my birthday and I wanted to have some fun. :-) Sorry Joe,but this thing is probably the best handling car I've ever slid my chubby lil ass into! Damn,that thing drives like a toy. It actually wants you to drive it hard. The harder you drive it,the better it feels. This thing is just plain fun to drive,and pretty damn snappy too. We learned alot yesterday and had some fun but most importantly,our new motor is broke in,instead of broken. We need some better tires to help us harness the power but we're really close to perfection on our setup. Is it Saturday yet?? :-)

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